Posted By: Kristi

This week we had a visitor named Amelia stay with us, we thoroughly enjoyed her stay. 

Amelia is our friends Celeste and Chad's hairy baby. She is a jack russell/poodle mix. She fit in wonderfully and we had a ton of fun playing with her.

Amelia LOVED Carson, I swear...he is a dog whisperer. He is so good to hairy babies, I love it. Carson makes sure they have constant attention. I am pretty sure his calling is to be a vet, not a consultant like he currently is. = ) He is however good at that too and pretty much everything else he tries. Smarty pants.

Kloee, McKnight and Amelia watched television together.

They took turn trying new stunts.

Amelia REALLY enjoyed playing with our kiddos toys.

She was an excellent house guest and we hope she visits again soon!


  1. I never thought a JRT/poodle mix could be so stinkin' cute! She's adorable!


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