PMW Innovations - Grand Opening!

Posted By:  Stephanie

My mother-in-law Cathy and I have started a new business, PMW Innovations.  We are making multi-function fabric gift bags, tote bags and we also have some crafting supplies available as well!  While this launch is VERY exciting, it is a little nerve racking at the same time.
PMW is short for Professional Mom and Wife which is what I became when I decided to stay home with my wonderful daughter.  When her first birthday was approaching I decided I wanted to start a new tradition for her, I wanted her to have fabric gift bags that she would get presents in each year that she could then pass down to her kids.  I loved her gift bags and decided I wanted to do the same thing for Christmas for our family; I wanted to make some bags that we would use as a family to reduce waste while also building a new fun tradition.  I thought other people may like the idea too, that is when Cathy and I started PMW Innovations.  Our bags have evolved so much and we now have high quality bags to offer which are fully lined.  My Girl is lucky to have the first bags ever but I’m sure she’s going to wonder why she has the bags that aren’t lined and don’t have fancy grommets to keep the bag from wearing too quickly.  You can use the bags within your family, use them for something other than gift giving, or give a gift in them for your family or friend to then pass onto someone else.  These bags can be used hundreds of times!
We are offering 15% off your total purchase during our grand opening with the coupon code HAPPYDAY.  We would love to offer more of a discount but with our already low prices this is a GREAT deal.  If you spend more than $50 you will receive FREE shipping!  Please take a moment and check out our shop at Thank you!

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