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Hey there!  It's almost Friday!  Thursday is my favorite of the mid week days.  I feel like of all the work days (Fridays don't count) people are in the best mood on Thursdays, mostly because they know that the next day will be their last for the work week.  There are also good TV shows on, which I like a good show, and the weather is always nicest on Thursdays, for real it's not in my head (or at least don't tell me if it is)!

As you know from these posts I like to recycle.  We do not have recycling available where we live but I do what I can to reduce and reuse on my own to make up for it.  I also hate letting good things go to waste or spending money on unnecessary items.  My newest excitement that will take care of a couple of these issues is our new compost bin!!!

Isn't she a beauty?

Will, Our Girl, My Mother/Father-In-law and I all got involved in the excitement.  As I mentioned before we live on the same property next door to each other so we like to share cool things like this and the garden too.

It's so easy to do!  All you have to do is throw your compost items in.

Rotate it a few times.

Once your stuff is all mixed up it looks like this.  You can keep adding to it and then eventually in 4-6 weeks we'll start getting rich amazing compost.

Materials OK to Compost

- Animal manure
- Cardboard rolls, cereal boxes, brown paper bags
- Clean paper
- Paper towels
- Coffee grounds and filters
- Cotton and wool rags
- Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
- Crushed eggshells (but not eggs)
- Fireplace ashes
- Fruits and vegetables
- Grass clippings, yard trimmings
- Hair and fur
- Hay and straw
- Houseplants
- Leaves
- Nut shells
- Seaweed (rinse off saltwater)
- Shredded newspaper
- Tea and tea bags
- Wood chips, sawdust, toothpicks, burnt matches
Materials NOT OK to Compost -- and Why
- Meat, fish, egg or poultry scraps (odor problems and pests)
- Dairy products (odor problems and pests)
- Fats, grease, lard or oils (odor problems and pests)
- Coal or charcoal ash (contains substances harmful to plants)
- Diseased or insect-ridden plants (diseases or insects might spread)
- Pet wastes (dog or cat feces, cat litter) (might contain parasites or germs)
- Yard trimmings treated with pesticides (might kill composting organisms)
- Black walnut tree leaves or twigs (substances harmful to plants)

Here are some reasons whey everyone should compost:

1. Composting Is Easy

All you have to do to is open the lid and throw your compostable items in.  Doesn’t get easier than that!  You are already doing the same thing with your trash, but this is actually doing good!

2. Composting Is Dirt Cheap

Other than the initial investment in a pail, or composting bin you are paying nothing to compost.  You will actually save money on dirt/fertilizer for gardening and you may be able to get a smaller trashcan because you are wasting less.

3. Compost Makes a Healthy, Thriving Garden
You really can't find a better soil amendment than compost. It loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water. And not only does compost contain no petroleum-based compounds (like most commercial fertilizers do), it can suppress plant diseases and pests. Gardens that are composted produce higher yields of healthier fruits, vegetables and flowers.

4. Composting Is Good for the Planet
Landfills everywhere are running out of room, and the EPA estimates that roughly 25% of the garbage in the U.S. is made up of yard trimmings and food scraps. That's over 60 million tons each year! Instead of watching your local landfill get bigger and more expensive to maintain each month, try composting.

5. You Can Compost Even if You Don't Have a Yard
No yard? No worries. You can use compost even in a window planter box. And many cities have compost programs which will haul away your composted organic material for free. Not sure how to find one? Consult or the EPA for local resources in your area.

6. No Smell, No Pests
The rumor that compost attracts bugs, mice or other pests is a dirty, stinking lie. Only compost done wrong smells, or attracts vermin. To do it right, keep dairy products and meats out of your compost pile.

I got this great information from

Want to know the best part about the compost bin we chose (other than it rotates super easy)?  It was $69.00!  Two years ago it was at Costco for around $200, earlier in the season it was around $100 and now because it is "out of season" Will and I got it for $69.00!!!  So thrilled about that savings!  When I was looking up information on composting an ad came up with the same exact compost bin for $179.00.  Now I feel like I should have purchased two, although that would be a little overkill for our beginning compost adventure and killer on your bank account.

Do you compost?  What do you compost that isn't on my list?


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