Toddler Tuesday - Exercise and Stretching

Posted By:  Stephanie

If your toddler is like mine, they like to copy whatever you are doing/saying.  I work out at a gym with a great guy name Alex who is my personal trainer.  For those of you who live in the Oregon/Washington area he is in Vancouver, the owner of Fusion Athletics.  You should really check him out.  Anyway, she goes with me and likes to mock me when I jump rope and whatever else she can mock.  Her newest thing is acting like she's doing push ups at home and picking up some of my 1lb weights and walking around with them, so cute.  I also work out at home, or at least I have more often just lately so when I stretch she tries to do what I do.  I have now started having her come sit next to me and try to get her to follow along with the stretching part of my routine and she LOVES it.  My Girl loves to be right there with mommy at all times so getting to be apart of my workout routine is a major plus for her.

Here she is trying to do the butterfly stretch.  I love how she's holding her toes, what a doll.

Your turn, get up and do some jumping jacks with your little one.  Remember the post about having a dance party with your toddler?  This is the same idea, just a different level.  You don't have to do anything really intense, just have fun with it!  If you aren't the work out type of person, do some stretching.  Everyone could use a little stretching every once in a while. ; )


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