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Posted By:  Stephanie

Hello!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, we sure are!  Today we went to our cousin's 4th birthday party which was also a costume party for the kids, and us adults joined in too.  My cousin Lora, birthday boys mom, came up with this fun hand print spider for the kids to do.  Little Lou wasn't into getting her hands dirty but we made one anyway, I wanted one to take home and I wanted her to go through the steps so I could show all of you!  Do you need a last minute craft for kids this Halloween weekend?  This is the one for you!

Lora drew a spider web on white paper and copied them so that she would have enough for everyone.  Next, she cut them out and pasted them onto a black piece of paper for background and to make it sturdy.

This stamp pad was perfect for this craft, I will be looking for this in more colors for other projects I'll do with my girl.  It washed off SO easy!

Push hand into stamp pad, you might also want to rub it around.  This part she wasn't a big fan of.

Make hand print going one direction on the web.

I should have made sure there was a little more ink on her hand but it did look a little darker in person.

Do the same thing with the other hand.

It will look a little something like this.

Now you get to make cute little face for this spider.  Lora cut out foam with sticky backing that you can find at most craft stores.  Here I am putting on the eyeballs for the spider.

Lou's spider doesn't have a nose, but you can do whatever you want with your spider.

Take off the backing,

and place it in the middle of the spider.

Punch holes and put ribbon through to hand it.  This one was made by my cousin Angie.

Here is Little Lou's!

Out of the 15 or so kids that were there only our girl and one other one didn't like getting their hands dirty, all the other kids LOVED it and wanted to make more than one.

Thank you Lora for a great day and for the craft we got to do and take home!


  1. Those are really cute and easy. I was going through your blog and really liked the crayon melting. It looks great.
    New follower from Mom Blog Monday.

  2. Thank you Victoria! I have visited your blog and commented there as well. We hope you'll be back!


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