Bedroom Makeover

Posted By: Kristi

Why is it that our bedroom is always the last room that we decorate and beautify? This is the room that we get romantic in, but for many of us, when we look around our bedroom we notice that there isn't much romantic about it. I have decided it is time for a bedroom makeover. We moved into our house over a year ago and have barely done a thing to it. It will take time to complete but at least I have my inspiration pictures (sorry, I don't have the sources for the pictures).

The color scheme will be mainly black and white with a touch of yellow.

All white bedding.

Black and white striped curtains or I will make black and white striped roman shades.

I will make a burlap headboard.

Paint our dresser yellow.

Add striped throw pillows on the bed.

Jute area rug to add texture and to tie in the headboard.

Carson just gave me his nod of approval, thank goodness he lets me run with my ideas!

What do you think??

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