Lemon in Flower Arrangement - Button Wall Art by Deanna

Posted By:  Stephanie

Remember when I was telling you about our crazy week?  Well I've found a positive to it!  When someone is in the hospital many times other people will give them flowers and every once in a while something really neat that you haven't seen before comes into the room.  I was very impressed with this arrangement with the lemons in the water.  I think this arrangement is very unique, pretty and the lemons serve more than one purpose too.  I found through some Google research that lemons in the water serve as a base for the flowers and you don't have to have as many in the vase to fill it out AND adding lemons to the water in your flower vase improves the water flow in the stems of the flowers.  The acid in the lemons help reduce the amount of fungi buildup in the flower vase and the lemons help open the buds.  Cool huh?!

Do you remember the post about the button wall art Kristi made?  Deanna, a friend and follower of our blog saw that post and made this for a friend who just had a baby name Mason.  Didn't this turn out super cute?  What a great idea for a shower gift!

Have you seen something on our site and tried it yourself?  We would love to see what you've made and how you may have created it different too.  Please comment below if so and we would love to feature you on our site in a post.  If you have a blog we will put that in our post as well.

Have a great night!


  1. It was an awesome idea and fun to make! I'm always checking out your blog to get ideas when I'm feeling crafty :)


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