Moments Like This...

Posted By:  Stephanie

Early this morning when My Girl woke up for the third time fighting her cold I knew she wasn't going to go back to sleep, she was going to need some mommy love.

I shuffled my feet on the floor with my eyes half open in my attempt to make it to a light without tripping over her toys.  I made it to her room, scooped her up out of her crib and headed to the living room couch where I had planned to cuddle her, hoping she would fall asleep in my arms.

We got settled on the couch, her head on my chest, we were tummy to tummy.  I lay there thinking that I was so tired yet I didn't feel annoyed or bothered, I chose to feel lucky.  I chose to take the rare moment to cuddle her, smelling her hair as she laid so still and silent while twirling my hair in her sweet little fingers.

As the minutes passed I thought about the days the first two months of her life when we spent our time on the couch together each night.  The walking, walking and more walking that we did to settle her as she cried.  I thought about how much she's grown and how I'm so lucky to be her mom.

I continue to lay there thinking about the joy she brings me when I hear her quietly mutter my name, "Momma, Momma" I rub her back to let her know I hear, I don't respond in fear that I would wake her more if I did.  That's when the best moment happened.  The moment where I completely melted and I was reminded once again why being a mommy is the best thing about my life.  My Girl looked up and me, took her nigh-night out of her mouth and smacked her lips at me twice looking for a kiss.  I gave her a kiss and she layed her head back down.

Moments like this make me excited for the next day to come to see what's next in my journey as a mom.  Moments like this are what a mommy lives for, what gives us strength through the harder days.  Moments like this can not fully be explained, they are just felt.

I love you my sweet girl, thank you for moments like this.

During our first two months together.
July, 2010


  1. No mom could be as proud as I am of the mommy you are to Maci. I love you!

  2. Thank you so much! Nothing better than a compliment about being a good mommy! I love you!


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