DIY Canvas Picture

Posted By: Kristi

I want to share this project with you even though it didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped. I am going to try it again with high hopes that it turns out a little better.

Here are the details:

Edit any image you want to use (on your computer) and make it the size you want. My canvas was 8x10 so that is the size I made my image.

Fold a piece of tissue paper around a piece of cardstock and tape the edges to the back.

Place your cardstock into the printer and print your image.

Set your image to the side to dry.
Lightly cover your canvas in Modge Podge.

Take your tissue paper image off of the cardstock and place it on the canvas. Starting in the center working your way to the edges, smooth out all of the bubbles and wrinkles. *Take your time, I was anxious and should have slowed down and completed this step.*

Once you have removed the bubbles and wrinkles coat the entire picture with Modge Podge and let it dry.

This is how it turned out, not fully dry yet. McKnight's face looks a lot lighter then this picture shows. Because I didn't take the time I should have to smooth out all of the wrinkles, I am going to try using an exacto knife to make a little cut and smooth it out. I think this would also look even better in sephia instead of black and white.

I will try this again soon and show you how it turns out. I think it is good to show that projects don't always turn out perfect, that way you can learn from our mistakes. We would love to save you some time!

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