A few of my favorite things....

Posted By: Kristi

I thought it could be fun to share a few of my favorite things every once in a while. Some things you can buy, some things you can't. For the things you can buy, I will tell you exactly why I think they are awesome enough to make "the list."

1. I am LOVING my sister being a stay at home Mommy. She is so good at it and I feel so much better knowing that Little Lou is home with her during the day. PEACE OF MIND. I also love that this means that I get a weekly lunch date with the two of them. Best part of my work week. = )

2. Method dishwasher detergent.

This stuff is sweeeeet! Our old detergent wasn't cleaning very well; it was not dissolving all the way anymore. It was also leaving our dishes streaky. I couldn't decide if we needed a new dishwasher or what so when I saw this at the store I took it home and gave it a spin. IT WORKED! Not only did it work, but it worked well!

3. Neutrogena Rapid Clear face wash. This stuff works overnight, seriously. Give it a try, you wont be sorry.

4. Wagner floor steamer and cleaner. As I have said before, we have two hairy babies. Cleaning up after them can be a pain. Steaming the floors gets them extremely clean and you don't have to scrub much at all. This is also great for cleaning the walls and shower, it is my secret weapon. The only con, it is kind of a pain to move around since it has a short cord and storing it is a bit tough.

That's it for now, what are your favorite's right now? Please share!

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