Entry Table, Hot Weather and Weekend Plans

Posted By: Kristi


This weekend is supposed to be a hot one! I think we will spend it near a river or in a pool. Our house gets hot and stuffy so escaping for the day sounds like a plan to me!

We are thinking about taking our dog babies to a place called 1000 Acres. It is supposed to be a doggie heaven. You can take your dogs there and let them off their leash. I guess there is some great places for you and your doggies to swim together too. If we go, it will need to be in the morning before it is too hot. Too much exercise on a hot day for a doggie is not good! I can't imagine being covered in all that hair and being expected to walk all around in the hot sun. Here are a couple pictures I googled of 1000 Acres.

This weekend I would also like to buy an entry table. We usually enter our house through our back/side door. The issue is, when we use the front door we have nowhere to set our keys and other belongings and so we misplace them. We spend the morning rushing around trying to find everything so that we can leave the house. This is not fun and very frustrating. Soon, I will show you what I made for the back/side door that makes things easier on us. Anyway, enough of my blabbering. Here are some ideas I found for entry tables.

I love the dark color and legs on this one. I also think the mirror is a great dramatic touch.

This one has nice clean lines and is narrow, perfect for our small space.

This would allow for us to store shoes and leashes while not taking up much space at all.

I love how this one floats. The chairs underneath are awesome!

Next week, I will show you what we decide on. Hopefully by then I will have it bought and decorated. = )

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