How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Posted By: Kristi

Howdy! I am waiting for a project I am working on to dry so meanwhile I thought I would share this handy cleaning tip I recently learned.

Instead of throwing away dryer sheets after they have been used, set them aside to clean your shower doors.

I hate showing you this, it is pretty embarrassing but for the sake of the blog...

these were our shower doors before cleaning them.


Next I put a little water on my (used) dryer sheet.

Scrub away...

Rinse the glass and you are done!

The picture above is before I rinsed the glass, I forgot to take another after..oops! It is not streaky at all once you rinse it.

This really works! I was amazed too. ; )

You will be hearing from me again soon, my project is almost dry!!

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