Entry Table and Weekend Recap

Posted By: Kristi

I did it, I found an entry table. I am happy with how it turned out and think it is going to be the perfect solution for staying organized. 

This is what we had before.

I love the mirror but it was never meant to go there. Honestly, I never could decide on where to put it so it just landed there. I have a few ideas for it now that it needs to be moved, I will show you soon.

 Here it is, our new and improved solution.

This is the Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea. I love it because we can store our shoes and leashes but also set our keys, wallets, etc. on top. I haven't decided if I want to keep the mirror the color it is or spray is a deep blue, green or some other color. What do you think? I am kind of liking it how it is right now. Something about the shine makes me smile. It was only $2 at a garage sale.

 I didn't use the knobs/pulls it came with. Instead, I used these I found at Anthropologie.

I think they dress it up a little which is perfect since it is in our living room.

Do you have the Hemnes? How are you liking it?

As for the rest of our weekend, we did not end up going to 1000 Acres. Instead, we went to Carson's parents (my future in-laws) house to swim. It was the perfect day! The weather was hot but I had no idea how hot it was since I was in the nice cool pool. It felt AMAZING, I am hoping to go back there again this week.

We took Kloee and McKnight and they loved it too. McKnight enjoyed following the little kids around (he hates water but loves babies) and Kloee swam with us in the pool. 

Kloee was all smiles and we were proud parents! She was such a great little swimmer! She had swam in a river, ocean and lake before but this was her first time in a pool. She dove right in and was excited the entire day.

Have a great Monday! Hopefully your Monday goes smooth, it is always hard to get back in the groove of things after a nice relaxing weekend.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment and for following me. :-) I LOVE the gold mirror. I don't have any kids of my own but I have a 4 year old nephew and your Toddler Tuesday posts make me think of him. The crumbs on the carpet post made me laugh out loud. I'm looking forward to keeping up with all of your posts.

  2. I agree about the mirror, it's Kristi's and I want one too! I've been searching the thrift stores when I go, no luck so far! I'm glad you're enjoying our blog, we can't wait to read more of your posts as well! Have a great day and thanks for being our new follower!


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