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Hello!  Today is a great day, the first day of a 3 day weekend for Will.  I love when he gets an additional day off, that way once Sunday night comes we are gitty that we get to hang out late one more night.  Sadly, late for us is like 10:30-11:00pm, that is what used to be 1-2am when we were younger.

Today I went to the Dollar Store, with a craft emergency!  I am working on another project but the paint is taking WAY to long to dry so I wanted/needed to make another project.  It was also a good excuse to get out of the house and sneak to an estate sale on the way.

Here we go, a tutorial on how to make a T-Shirt print using CRAYONS!  This is such an easy project and it only cost $2.  I got the T-Shirt and the sandpaper from the Dollar Store and I already had the crayons on hand.

Step One

Gather supplies.  I used stencils because I'm in no way a freehand kind of girl.  I love to craft but my drawing is not to be seen.


Sandpaper - preferably fine
Stencils if you would like

Step Two

Start drawing your picture on sandpaper.  I decided to use a dog and cat because My Girl LOVES dogs and cats right now.  When you are coloring, make sure to go over your design several times, you want the crayon to be on there nice and thick.  This is something that your kids would love to do, just remind them that whatever they draw, it will be on the T-Shirt backwards.

Step Three

Once you are finished you may see that there are a few spots that have crayon marks that you don't want to show up on your T-Shirt.  I used a piece of the sandpaper from the corner and sanded those spots.  Seemed to work pretty well for me.

Step Four

Put cardboard inside the T-Shirt to prevent the crayon from leaking through.

Step Five

Iron the design onto the T-Shirt.  Put something like a thin towel or paper towel between the sandpaper and the iron to protect your iron.  Iron on cotton setting for about 30-45 seconds.

Step Six

Check to make sure your design is transferring onto the T-Shirt well, if not continue ironing for another 15-20 seconds.  If it is on there well, take the sandpaper off and put a paper towel or thin towel on the image and iron on top of it for about 20 seconds to set it.

Step Seven

Put the T-Shirt in the dryer for about 20-30 minutes to finish setting it.  When you wash it for the first time make sure you wash it all alone because the crayon may bleed some.

My Girl in her new fancy doggy and kitty shirt.  She is such a goof!

I will be using this shirt most likely for when we do crafts, that way I wont have to worry about her clothes getting stained.  We did another project today where she was using some permanent makers...I know probably not my best parental choice, but hey, the project needed permanent markers what was I supposed to do?  = )  Anyway, this T-Shirt will be used for things like that, her clothes were spared this time but the tray of her highchair was not.

This would be a great project for older kids at a birthday party.  Please make sure you either assist them or do the ironing yourself, burnt fingers are not cool!  All the kids could make their design, iron them and then while you continue the party you can dry to set them.  I don't know how multiple shirts would do in the dryer at the same time but you could also send the T-Shirt home and let the parents know that they will need to dry it there. 


WARNING:  Images below may hurt your eyes!

These are pictures of what will be our girl's big girl room.  When we moved in we put a ton of stuff that we didn't want to deal with at the time into this room, and we have continued to throw things in it since.  I will even confess, this room was even worse, this is after Will had been working on clearing it out for awhile.

I'm not sure why these pictures turned out so bad, I think it's because of the bad lighting.  Here is trooper Will, he takes a long time to clear out each box because a lot of them have pictures from his childhood.

I'll be back with more on that room, you will get to watch the room transform, I have a lot of projects in mind for it.  For now, I need to get ready to go, I'm going with Bubba to a wedding.  SISTER DATE!

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