Birthday and Milk Jug Repurpose

Posted By:  Stephanie

Hey there!  If you've been following along then you know that yesterday was my 25th birthday!  My sweet sister posted about it yesterday here.  I was so surprised and loved what she wrote, thank you!  Bubba (Kristi) and I are 2 years and 3 days apart so her birthday was on Thursday, September 1st.  If you missed the posts about her birthday you can read about it here and here.

I had a great birthday because I have such an amazing family that works so hard at making sure that my day is special every year.  Will put balloons in my bedroom just like he does every year for me.  My mom used to decorate the family room for Bubba's birthday, take it down and completely re-decorate for my birthday as well as put balloons on our bedroom floor for us to wake up to every year.  One year we were in Seattle and I still woke up to the balloons, we have the BEST mom!  Will has taken over that tradition for my mom and as our girl gets older and we have other kids we will do the same thing for them.  My husband is the greatest!

This is what my birthday looked like:

Flowers, balloons, gifts (many not shown below), yummy cheesecake for my sister and I (we celebrated with the family together yesterday), great brunch provided by our mom, and evening at the river and just a great time with family.  My dad got me a new camera, because like I mentioned here my camera was left at Target and I now have a new one!  Thank you SOOOO much dad, you are so awesome!  In the meantime my amazing mother-in-law Cathy has been letting me use her camera, I really appreciate that, it has been a lifesaver.  I'm feeling very grateful for so many things, I could go on and on and on.

Here is a great tip that my mom came up with yesterday.  My girl has a tendency to pull place mats right off the table so she used a Silpat because it doesn't slide easily.  BRILLIANT!  The mat stayed on the table the entire time.  Thanks for the tip mom!

In the post found here I talked about how much I don't like that we don't have recycling where we live and that I was trying to come up with ways to use things that I have been throwing away.  I have now found a way to use an old milk jug.

First I washed out the milk jug.

Then cut the the jug in half right under where the handle is.

I like to keep My Girl's socks in a container in her drawer so that they don't get mixed in with her clothes.  The socks share a drawer with other things so I like to keep them organized.  I am staying home with her now and that means being even more frugal now then we were before.  I wanted to use this container for something else that would be seen so I needed a replacement.

YAHOO!  I have a new sock holder!  Best part about it is that the container is taller so it holds all the same socks that were in the other container above and now there is even more drawer space for other things.

This is what I got out of it.  Good trade, good trade!

What do you use old milk jugs for?

*Update*  I finally have a picture of our sister Samantha wearing the zipper headband that I made here (when you go the the link, scroll to the bottom to see the picture), although the headband is cute, she is MUCH cuter!  ; )

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