Playroom Art

Posted By: Kristi

Hi!! Thanks to the four day weekend I just had, I am feeling refreshed! I hope you all had a nice refreshing weekend as well!

Yesterday, Stephanie showed you all the mug that my sweet Little Lou made me, isn't it precious? I of course teared up the moment I saw it!

Now that our Birthdays are over we are working on more projects. I recently moved my craft room so we have decided to make my old craft room a playroom for our nieces and nephews. We have started collecting toys for them to play with when they visit and have already noticed that having the toys all over the house is chaotic. A room to organize them in will be much better.

Today, while I was at Target browsing the dollar section, I found these flash cards.

I decided that framing them could make great art for the new playroom. I already had a frame at home so this entire project only cost me $1.00!

I have had this in the closet for three years now so I knew that I wouldn't care about using it in the future. I turned the picture over and glued the flash cards directly to the back.

Note: Make sure to lay all the cards out the way you want them first, before gluing them down. That way, you don't have to peel them off and make a mess.

This will really brighten up the room. I will hang it once I figure out what furniture will be in there.

This might end up being my favorite room to decorate. = )


  1. super cute, quick and CHEAP project- my favorite kind! i've got some delightful paints over here if you decide you want to add a splash of color to that frame!

  2. Thanks for the offer but what I failed to mention is that our guests will also stay in this room so I don't want to make it too bright. = ) Who knows though, I might change my mind!


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