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Posted By:  Stephanie

Will, My Girl and I live in a manufactured home that had not been updated in years.  Lucky for us, although Will is handy, his dad/my father-in-law LOVES projects.  Before we moved in he did some woodwork and put in new floors (I will show you those at a later time) that have been used twice before, starting as a gym floor.  I just LOVE knowing they have been used twice before because I like to imagine what type of story they have and even more because you know I love a good excuse to recycle/repurpose!

One of the updates that he did was take out these icky glass pieces in the entryway that look from the dining room to the entry way and vice versa.  I love what he did with the holes that were left.  A few pieces of wood, trim and stain and we have a great new open space while salvaging the wall that works as a great divider.

It's amazing what a difference it makes to open up a space like this while removing an eye sore at the same time.  You may have noticed the difference in wall color from the "before" to "after" photos.  That's because Will is a genius painter and painted almost every wall in the house before we moved in.  You can see his handy work HERE when he helped me transform our master closet into my craft room.

What SMALL change have you made in your house that made a BIG difference?

(I only call it small because I didn't have to do it.  If I were to take on this project I would probably still be working on it haha!)

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