Small Closet Solution

Posted By: Kristi

Our home was built in the 1940's and so the closets are small. Seriously, tiny.

We needed a solution, we were tired of our clothes being in different rooms. We decided to make the bedroom next to ours a dressing room. Someday, this room will be our babies room but we still have a while for that so until then, here is our new dressing room...

The clothing rack I bought at Fred Meyer on sale for $39.00, regularly $69.00. Here it is on Amazon. I also had a coupon that said if you spent $49.00 on storage items then you would receive a $10.00 Fred Meyer gift card. Perfect timing!

On one of the shelves I keep some of my jewelry, perfume and my wallets. The orange wallet pictured above is by HOBO. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my HOBO wallets. They are a little spendy but so worth the money!

We had the small chest laying around and I decided it would be perfect for some of my shoes. The box underneath holds my wedding dress. = )

We already had the chair and table. The chair has been handy when putting on pantyhose and shoes and underneath we keep our scale. The table next to it holds Carson's cologne, clutches, sunglasses and more jewelry.

I hang earrings from the bird cage. I bought the bird cage at a garage sale for less than $10.00.

Carson's clothes rack we already owned. It is $14.99 at Ikea.

The ladders are from a shelf that broke. I decided they would be perfect for holding some of our extra items.

I am loving this solution. When we do have a baby and wont be able to have this room anymore, we will buy a armoire for our bedroom. Until then, we are making use of this room that we weren't using and we didn't have to spend extra money on a new piece of furniture.

Do you have any other clothing storage ideas for us?


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