Tidy Tip - Organizing Plastic Grocery Bags

Posted By:  Stephanie

I have to start this post by saying, I know I really should be using reusable fabric shopping bags, which is also one of my near future goals.  In the meantime we use plastic grocery bags and re-use them for things like Will's lunches.  I don't know about your bags, but my bags were taking over our pantry!  I decided to go back to my middle school days of writing and folding notes and I'm very pleased with my very much improved grocery bag storage.

First I dug out all of my grocery bags and threw them on the kitchen table.  As you can see, we do a LOT of shopping at Walmart.  We get all of our groceries there because in our small town our only choices are Walmart and Safeway.  Walmart is a much cheaper option when living on a budget.  I'm so thankful for our new Walmart!

Lay out your grocery bag and flatten it out.

Fold it in half...

and in half again.

Start from the bottom and fold the corner in,

and continue folding into triangles over and over until you reach the top.

You want to stop when there's about this much left at the top.

When you stop folding make sure that your are at the part where you have a little pocket like this.

Tuck the handles into the pocket.

There you have it, a nice compact grocery bag.

I continued and folded all of my bags which took just a few minutes.

I took one of my milk jugs and made it into a container as shown here so that I would have a place to store the folded grocery bags.

As you can see in my first before and after picture it made a BIG difference in my pantry.  How do you store your grocery bags?

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