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Yesterday was a great day. Thanks to those close to me, I had a very happy Birthday. Wasn't Steph's poem the sweetest? The love and friendship between sisters is the best. One of a kind.

Carson spoiled me rotten yesterday. He gave me great gifts, took me to dinner and made me feel special the entire day. Not only did he make me feel special yesterday but today he came home with these.

Aren't they beautiful? He is a special man.

I explained before that I like to add decor in our home that represents us. I am currently working on a gallery wall and recently made this to add to it.

Sorry about the picture.

Reflection from the glass + camera phone = horrible pictures. 

Here is a closer (still low quality) picture.

The hearts are located in three different spots on the map. One on Oregon, we live in Oregon and this is where we started dating. On the far right the heart is placed on Washington D.C., this is where Carson proposed. The last heart is placed on Belize. We are getting married on the beach in Belize next April. I am thinking about stitching a line to each place but haven't decided for sure yet. It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Finally, Disneyland details!

Disneyland was an amazing time, I enjoyed spending quality time with my Dad and Sister. It seems like lately I have been travelling to the east coast so it was nice travelling to somewhere closer by, the flight was a breeze!

The minute we landed we were on the go. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and got a bite to eat. Afterwards, we headed to Disneyland. The weather was a record high and the park was crowded. It was nice though, everyone was excited and in a happy mood so the crowds weren't a bother. We were able to hit most of our favorite rides in Disneyland and by the end of the day we were pooped! We headed back to the hotel to rest and had intended to go back to Disneyland later for some more fun. Instead, we enjoyed a movie in our room and a nice dinner. Us Oregonians weren't used to the extreme heat and we had already spent about six hours at the park so relaxing felt goooood!

The second day we woke up with renewed energy. We visited California Adventures and enjoyed another day in the sun! That evening we went back to the hotel to rest and then went to Disneyland that night. I had forgotten how amazing Disneyland is at night, my favorite! It is so magical all lit up. We found a spot to sit to watch the fireworks. Enjoying the fireworks show in Disneyland is a must, it's like a dream. I have a great video of it but it is too long so I need to edit it before I can post it.

The last day we went back to Disneyland to catch a couple rides we had yet gotten a chance to enjoy. I am really happy we had three days, there is so much to do!

My Dad spoiled us, were/are two lucky girls. It was nice feeling like a kid again, travelling with my Daddy. I also really enjoyed Samantha's company. She is so grownup and incredibly beautiful. She is extremely witty and entertaining.

I knew I would have fun but I did not realize how important this trip would be to me. I made so many memories in three days that I will always carry with me. I am so grateful.

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