Toddler Tuesday - Dance Party!

Posted By:  Stephanie

I have always been amazed at the baby/toddler/child instinct to dance or at least bounce with the beat of music.  I remember being pregnant with My Girl and I would put music on my laptop and put it near my stomach.  It wouldn't be but a minute later before she was jiggling around and rolling like crazy, she loved to dance even before she was born.  Since then nothing has changed so we have DANCE PARTIES!

Our dance parties only consist of her and I, but we turn on the music and we just dance!  It is so much fun and keeps her occupied and it is great exercise for me as well.  I suggest if you haven't already done this with your little on that you pull our the tunes and dance the day away.  This is a great way to get energy out an hour or so before nap time.  My Girl isn't walking on her own yet at 15 months but she likes to stand and hold onto the couch and dance, or even better I hold her and dance around the room.  She loves it, it's great bonding time when we can laugh together and be goofy (which we like to do often) and again, great child activity and it is a great way for us to get up and move.

My Girl and I had a busy day yesterday, we were away from the house all day and we got home after bedtime.  Will made mac and cheese for himself last night for dinner before we got home and when I went to get her some milk out of the fridge I found this container with the note on it.  So cute, he knows that she loves mac and cheese so he saved her some and wrote her a note.  What a good/cute daddy he is!

Alright, enough reading for now (until we post again of course) it's time to get up and have a dance party with your little ones!


  1. Kristi, Stephanie, and Samantha this is such a great idea! I am always at my wits end coming up with new things to do with my toddler and I have found myself on occasion boogeying with her. Definitely a fun thing to do! I can't wait to see what other activities you have in store for my Boom Boom and I!

  2. I love when I hear that other moms do this too. So much fun!


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