Toddler Tuesday - What's in the Drawer?

Posted By:  Stephanie

“Curiosity is the backbone of a child’s development of competence.  From your baby’s earliest perceptions onward, he will want to feel and explore everything and experience the world through all of his senses.” – Jackie Silberg

This is an older picture of My Girl from May, 2011.  Although she is a bit older now NOTHING has changed.  Every time I'm in the kitchen she goes to her drawer that I have placed Tupperware items that she can not hurt herself on (no sharp edges) for her to play with.  As she has gotten older the way she plays with these items is different.  She went from pulling everything out and just being amazed with the drawer and the things in it to making noises by hitting them together and now she is exploring the options of fitting different size containers together.  If you have a child that needs a lot of change you can rotate what items are in the drawer.

If you don't already have a drawer or cabinet for you child to play in while you are working in the kitchen you are missing out.  They love it AND it really keeps your little one busy while you get things done.

What does your toddler like to play with in the kitchen?

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